Small Pet Wishlist #1

Hey everyone! Today I was watching a video on YouTube from the user Sherwood Smallpets which was a wishlist video of all the things that she has on her multiple online shopping carts that she dreams about getting or will get but just at this time can't afford. I thought this was such a great idea as my list of things that I want for the boys is HUGE, although heaps of it is unrealistic as they are USA/UK products that are not available here in New Zealand and to get it shipped here is unrealistic due to the cost. To view the video I was watching just click here.
I will need to do this in multiple blog posts cause my wishlist is that big. So for this post we will start with my realistic list, the things I can get where I live but haven't got around to purchasing, things that may be a bit pricey at the moment and things that I dream about but for some reason never actually pick up.
To start with I have been looking at this shop for a while now, and have been wanting to purchase something but just never gotten around to it. The name is Little Chintas and it is a small New Zealand business which also runs a chinchilla rescue. I contacted the owner via their Facebook page and she is such a wonderful person, very friendly and informative so I am excited that one day I will get to buy products off their site. They make all their own products which includes hand made food and toys. I have quite a few products on my list from this shop, the Starburst, Firecracker and Centipede to name a few. These three are made up of mainly the same pieces, but I think they are so creative and would really spice up the boys cage. I also think that the boys would actually enjoy these as they contain great pieces! I also would love to try out the Guinea Pig and Rabbit food on the boys, but at this stage this is quite pricey compared to what I typically spend on their food. They also occasionally have 'cookies' that the boys could have as a treat so one day I hope to be able to scoop up some of those as well. Unfortunately for you people that do not live in New Zealand there is no international shipping.
As you might have read from our previous post, one of our pet store chains has recently started stocking a few
Living World products, which has got me very excited. Now, I have a few products that I would love from this brand, the main one being the 'Teach N Treat' toy. This is the interactive game where you hide vegetables and treats in the holes and the rabbit or guinea pig has to move around the pieces to actually get the reward. I have watched and read a few reviews on this product and have dreamed of getting it mainly for Schmutz knowing how inquisitive he is. Sadly, due to New Zealand being expensive and also because this is a newer product here, the product costs $40 so I am yet to purchase it due to this reason. Also, dependent on whether or not the boys like the products I have already purchased from this brand I have multiple more chews I would love to get. The Nibblers, Apple Loofah and Wood chew and the Carrot/Corn Cob on a stick chews also look great to me. Currently, we only have these items in the market in New Zealand but in my next blog post I will state some of the other products in this brand which I would love to pick up.
Another thing that I would love is one of those cardboard tunnels that multiple brands sell. I have only seen one brand here in New Zealand and the actual product is called a 'Tunnel of Fun'. The reason why I haven't got one yet I am not sure as I have been lusting over this for atleast six months now! I can just imagine how much the boys would love running through one and also chewing through it.
Next up on the list, I would love another 'Tropical Fiddle Sticks'. I have one that is constantly in the boys cage and BMO loves it. I wish I could get a bigger one, although I don't think they sell a larger size than the one I have, so that I can have one for Schmutz since BMO has pretty much put up a letterbox on our current Fiddle Sticks. Plus, our current one is about a year old, and the colour is disappearing quite quickly.
Finally, for this segment of my list, I am wanting another corn husk toy. I don't mind which shape as we have tried the carrot toy previously and currently in the cage is a corn cob. Schmutz really enjoys these, although he doesn't rip them apart within the week, he usually just gives it a random chew every now and again. He also uses the corn cob as a great toy to throw around since its light and the texture is easy for him to grab. I have noticed that Trixie sells some radish shaped toys that look similar but are made out of straw which would also be nice to try.
That will be all for this list, but keep tuned as there are heaps more on my list of wants! Thanks for reading :)

All photos used in this blog post are not mine. The photos of Little Chintas products are from their personal webpage. All other photos are stock photos of the products.


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